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Your VISION IS GENIUS, but your pitch presentation isn’t conveying that to investors. 

I can help.

Even Einstein needed assistance in presenting
his revelations in a way that motivated his audience.


Petrina Robins is a seasoned Investor Presentation Architect with a passion for helping visionary entrepreneurs turn their groundbreaking ideas into the kind of stand-out presentations that get investor attention.


She has honed a unique skill set that melds savvy visual expertise with a keen understanding of how people absorb information, applying it to distill complex, often technical ideas into captivating pitches.


Petrina has played a pivotal role in helping clients secure millions of dollars in funding both for innovative startups and established businesses, solidifying her position as a sought-after consultant in the sphere of investor presentations.

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Example Process

Strategy is tailored to each unique client, so the process will vary.

Serious Conversation

Show me what you've got

We start from wherever you are in the process - reviewing your materials, pitch, existing branding, and marketing. I make recommendations regarding everything from design to flow, wording, and presenting style.

Examples of variations: many who come to me are co-founders already using divergent approaches.

Others feel like they're trying anything and everything without the desired traction. 
I haven't seen it all, but close.

The strategy, the weaving

I create your new presentation based on the decisions you've made in response to my recommendations. We will collaborate throughout, there will likely be elements you'll be working on independently as well. 

This phase can encompass a range of tasks. If there are multiple founders pitching, we create a unified deck that weaves the most salient points in each approach together for a powerful collaboration. If your numbers aren't backing up your story, we may pull in a specialist to guide you.

We hone and polish

Once we have a solid deck, you'll pitch it again and we'll identify areas that need to be honed or adjusted to flow naturally with your style of storytelling. 

It is ideal to create two versions of your deck - a high-impact visual deck that backs you up when you're presenting and a leave-behind deck with the salient details you communicated during your pitch. 

Quick consult

In just 90 minutes I can give you initial feedback on aspects of your presentation that may be holding you back - and what you can do to make your pitch shine. 

This can be a stand-alone meeting or the initial consultation to kick off more in-depth engagement. 

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